Members Only

Welcome to our Blast Communications members only area. Currently, we are in the process of adding new features to our section. They include:

  • Web Mail Access

  • FTP Web Access

  • Forums

With Web Mail Access, email will always available through the web. No more setting up accounts or installing software every time your away from home. Simply log on to the internet, enter your login and password at our site, and your email is instantly accessible.

FTP Web Access lets you maintain your own web site by uploading files through the web. FTP is a protocol that allows you to exchange files to and from your computer and a web site. With web access, the complications are removed completely, letting you access your web site without and extra software or complicated steps.

Forums are text based discussion boards that let you communicate on the web without the trouble of chat rooms or any external software. It's free, easy and fun.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the members only section, please email us.