Connection Services

All relationships, whether personal or business, are based on connections. Blastcomm offers individuals and organizations the fastest, most reliable way to stay connected 24 hours a day! And it is the fastest connection to date.

DIAL-UP (56k) - our basic service - offers local dial nationwide. It is the perfect way to start out on the Internet at a tremendous speed.

ISDN (128K) - An upgrade from DIAL-UP offers a digital dial in service, also with numbers nationwide. (Requires ISDN line from the local phone company)

T-1 (1.5M) - This is our premier leased line service. Perfect for businesses who truly understand the value of staying connected. We offer very competitive prices and phenomenal service.

T-3 (45M) - This was developed for the high traffic internet companies. Perfect for any organization that's host websites or have a high volume of usage such as hospital or schools.

SPECIALTY PRODUCTS (Some are local for now but we are expanding every day)

Metered T-1 (1.5M) - This is a T-1 where you pay for USAGE rather than bandwidth. This is a cost effective T-1. Our clients typically save 60% compared to a traditional T-1. (Also available in a T-3 line)

Wireless - This "always on" bandwidth will cut your costs and offer you a much better performance than most leased lines.

MTU:/MDU: - This product not only saves you money, it makes you money. Our specially designed system offers a 1 megabit plus access to any company with business or residential tenants. This systems was developed to offer a "Partnership Plan" service to property owners and management companies. Better yet, there are no "no-upfront costs" if the minimum number of tenants enroll in the program.

Contact Blastcomm today. We specialze in long-term, profitable personal and business connections. Let Blastcomm help you make your most important connections.